Dungeons & Dangers is an 4th Edition game of D&D, with an emphasis on mixed gameplay, allowing both Roleplay and Rollplay to coexist. As of yet there is no house rules, and the setting itself includes many fantasy and scientific staples. The ideal is to allow most content without unreasonably limiting players. However, there are always exceptions:

1: You need to use the DDI character builder to finalize your character’s statistics, for accuracy and balance. Anything that comes as ‘stock’ in the DDI Character Builder is okay by me – just be sure to include a decent background for what you build.

2: A decent background is required of you. It is okay to possess Chaotic and Evil alignments, but please keep murderous and anti-social tendencies in check. The Dungeon Master is supposed to help you in this regard, so your actions are suitably evil without infringing on other players. The Dungeon Master has the final say, but is meant to help all players in realizing their character concept.


The setting itself is currently undefined – as of yet, the Dungeon Master hasn’t yet asked the players about what content and elements they desire in the game. As such, I will ask that important question at the conclusion of Keep on the Shadowfell, since that is our first module to get myself and the players acquainted with the game.

Dungeons & Dangers